Youth & Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship Services provide administrative and fiscal agent support for community programs that fall within our mission. Our role varies and includes:

  1. An organization operated by another agency, but requiring nonprofit fiscal services.
    • Tomales Bay Youth Center — operated by the Lions Club of West Marin. With our sponsorship, the center can accept grants and donations, and we employ the director, offering the same salary rate and benefits as our regular staff.
  2. Contracting for bi-lingual employees in Shoreline Unified School District.
    • Shoreline Unified School District Pre-K to 3 Initiative — with funding from the Marin Community Foundation, we employ bilingual family advocates at West Marin/Inverness School and at Tomales Elementary School. They operate family centers at both schools and work closely with parents and children to close the achievement gap.
    • Tomales High School — we employ a bilingual student advocate who assists with school issues and college preparation.
  3. We are the non-profit umbrella that accepts grants and tax-deductible donations, files income tax and contractor returns, pays sales tax, and provides other fiscal support. This service is crucial for small organizations that serve the community, such as:
  4. Two local groups are incorporated into our programs.
    • Point Reyes Community Garden — we provide insurance coverage so that beds in the community garden — generously provided by Toby’s Feed Barn — can be available to local gardeners.
    • Day of the Dead - we provide bookkeeping, insurance coverage, and accept grants and donations for this annual multicultural event in Point Reyes Station. 
  5. Some sponsored programs have successfully spun-off as independent non-profits or completed their goals.
    • Black Mountain Circle — The West Marin Literary Review and Geography of Hope, an ongoing series of programs and a bi-annual conference, operated by Point Reyes Books.
    • Far West Fest — an annual music festival that raised funds for various local nonprofits, including our youth centers.
    • West Marin Commons — enhances our shared environment by operating our common park and a website for West Marin communications.
    • West Marin Resources Guide — an online listing of useful local resources.
    • Shoreline Dual Immersion Task Force — explored the possibility for dual language programs with assistance from First Five Marin and sponsored afterschool activities with Colors of Spanish.
    • Shoreline Community Mentors — matches high school students with adult mentors and is now a regular SUSD program.
  6. Also available — sponsorship for one-time conferences and meetings that benefit the community and require a non-profit home.