Every One. All Ways.


Abriendo Caminos (Finding our Path), builds on decades of work to move us toward the goal of being one community.

About: Abriendo Caminos serves as a bridge between the Latino population and the larger West Marin community through thoughtful engagement. We aim to empower the Latino community while addressing the cultural divide and working toward the goal of being one community. By becoming one community we can progress towards a more beautiful, diverse, and equitable West Marin.


  • To collaborate with the Latino community in order to provide opportunities for leadership and engagement
  • Support our Latino neighbors to vocalize their needs and concerns and find solutions
  • Allow the cultures from our minoritized communities to be shared freely in efforts to immerse themselves with the larger West Marin
  • Commit to a bilingual way of sharing and receiving information in order to be inclusive to all

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415-663-8361 | info@westmarincommunityservices.org

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