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WMCS supports programs and services that ensure the well-being of individuals and families in West Marin. Self-sufficiency, human dignity, and social justice are the values that guide our efforts.

Who We Are

West Marin Community Services (WMCS) is a central hub for a diverse range of services that support our neighbors in West Marin. We respond to ever-changing circumstances and act as a safety-net to address needs unfulfilled by other organizations or government programs. This organization works to bring the community closer together by building equity and fostering effective communication. For more than 40 years, we have provided critical support in many forms: supplying food to the hungry, clothing and household items to families, providing referrals to county, state, and federal programs, offering sponsorship to local non-profits, and much more to community members in need.


WMCS supports programs and services that ensure the well-being of individuals and families in West Marin. Human dignity and social justice are the values that guide our efforts.

Service Area

Eligible recipients of services are residents in the areas of West Marin:

  • Dillon Beach
  • Tomales
  • Marshall
  • Point Reyes Station
  • Inverness
  • Nicasio
  • Olema
  • San Geronimo Valley (Lagunitas, Forest Knolls, Woodacre, etc)
  • Bolinas
  • Stinson Beach
  • Muir Beach


  1. Provide timely funding and other support (including food, clothing, emergency assistance, and direct services) to individuals and families who are unable to find assistance through other means.
  2. Partner with county-wide agencies and other resource programs to serve the needs of West Marin.
  3. Operate programs to address unmet needs and respond to changing needs of the community.
      1. West Marin Community Thrift Store
        1. Distribute 100% of profits back to the community, 50% through grants and loans to residents and nonprofits, and 50% through services provided by the West Marin Community Resource Center
        2. Support students and families through early childhood and college scholarships
        3. Recycle clothing and household items back into the community at affordable prices
      2. West Marin Community Resource Center programs
        1. Food Pantry
        2. Case management
        3. Emergency assistance
        4. Youth Services/Programs
        5. Community activities such as Waterdogs Swim Class, Christmas Holiday Gift Program
        6. Latino Engagement Program, Abriendo Caminos
        7. COVID-19 and Disaster Resources
      3. Fiscal services to local agencies and projects whose purpose is consistent with the mission of West Marin Community Services.

Principal Staff

Socorro Romo

Executive Director

Elizabeth Max

Director of Programs

Scott MacDonald

Director of Finance

Yareli Cervantes

Emergency & Financial Assistance Program Manager

Alma Sanchez

Food Pantry Manager

Elizabeth Tucker

Senior Youth Program Coordinator

Michael Campbell

Youth Program Assistant Coordinator

Sean Keareny

Thrift Store Manager

Executive Board

Larry Enos


Carlos Porrata

Vice President

Evan Wilhelm


Ed Chiera


Ashley Dumbra

Board Member

Cristina Salcedo

Board Member

Nancy Galloway

Board Member

Gene Ptak

Board Member

Steve Siegel

Board Member

Advisory Board

Angeli Sacheli

Chris Reding

Cindy B. Mann

Cindy Ohama

Debbie Daly

Denise Brown

Dolores Gonzales

Gary Ireland

Gina Kutchins

Imelda Macias

Jeff Felix

Kate Levinson

Kris Brown

Mark Dowie

Mark Switzer

Martha Howard

Mattie Ivy-Leeds

Pamela Campe

Steve Costa

Nancy Hemmingway

Melanie Stone

Wendy Friefeld

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