Every One. All Ways.


A few kind words from community members who have benefited from our services.

I always knew I lived in a special place. But I did not know it was heaven until I was surrounded by Angels. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You’ve expanded the world we live in.

– San Geronimo couple for assistance with a wheelchair lift for their van

Mondays are special days! The Food Pantry is full of surprises. Since I have been ill, it is difficult to go over the hill for food and be able to eat vegetables and fruit. The Monday pantry is a big help! Thank you Cynthia, Socorro, and Community Services!

– A low-income single senior

You were there when I needed the most. We lost everything in the fire. Thank you for the food, money, clothes, and household items. Thank you—thank you for helping us!

– Maria Loza, C Ranch fire victim

Abriendo Caminos me fortalece personalmente, me da armas para enfrentar los problemas en mi trabajo y en la comunidad.


Abriendo Caminos gives me strength, and gives me the tools to solve problems at work and in my community.

– Miguel Martinez, Sr.

I love the dangly earrings and other good stuff my Grammy buys me at the Thrift Store. It’s awesome!

– Lucy Hamilton, 8, granddaughter of volunteer, Gina Kutchins

I love feeling as if I’m helping the community and having fun at the same time – plus the Thrift Store has such a happy vibe!

– Deb Jones, volunteer

The Thrift Store has fair, affordable prices, provides a chance to mingle with friends and I know that all dollars spent will go to the needy in our community.

– Gina Kutchins, volunteer

Thank you for being there for me. You taught me how to swim. You helped me get a scholarship to sailing camp. I love you all so much. THANKS.

– Graciela, Waterdogs Swim Class

The rental assistance helped us in getting ahead. My husband was unemployed for about a month. We felt that we were falling behind. We now know that we will be able to pay the rent next month. It gives us peace of mind because we know that our three-year-old, and eighteen-month-old babies will have a roof over their heads.

– The Point Reyes mother of a family of four

Gracias al West Marin Lions Club, nuestra comunidad ha podido lograr una muy esperada meta: la de crear un espacio y un lugar que los chicos en esta franja de West Marín puedan considerar como suyo. Con el patrocinio fiscal de West Marin Community Services, ahora es una realidad la sala de estar del Tomales Bay Youth Center.

– Madeline Hope, Directora del Tomales Bay Youth Cente

West Marin Community Services, through fiscal sponsorship, embraced the concept of the Town Commons so readily, making it possible to transform a vacant lot into a vibrant gathering place for residents and visitors.

– Mark Switzer, West Marin Commons

I believe local businesses should support community programs because we’re all in this together.

– Dan Thompson, Perry’s

If it weren’t for WMCS, I wouldn’t feel as good as I do about living here. No matter what the need, WMCS finds a way to lend a hand. It makes for a more inclusive, full and caring community for all of us.

– Kris Brown, WMCS Board member

WMCS drew me to joining the Board because of its reputation in this community of being an agency that was able to get things done well and efficiently for the common good of the community.

– Jeff Felix, WMCS Board member

On behalf of the Marin County Free Library, thank you so much for your continuing support of our efforts to provide services to immigrant families and children through our classes, programs, and cultural events!

– Bonny White, Branch Manager, West Marin Literacy Services, Marin County Free Library

Es un honor participar en este entrenamiento. He escuchado de las dificultades que tienen que pasar para poder sobre vivir en este país. Yo les doy las gracias mi mamá y mi papá por participar en este taller y querer involucrase mas en la comunidad—ustedes son mi inspiración.


It is an honor to participate in Abriendo Caminos. I am learning a lot about the struggles that my parents had to face in order to survive in this country. I thank you mom and dad for participating in these workshops and for wanting to be involve in this community—you inspire me.

– Jorge Martinez, Jr.

West Marin Community Resources has provided critical support for parents and children to participate fully in the life of our community by starting at the start – in toddler care and preschool that they could not afford otherwise.

– Ward Young, Director, Bolinas Children’s Center

I really value the involvement of WMCS in the Pre K-3 Early Education Initiative at Tomales Elementary School. It enables us to address the achievement gap in our communities in a meaningful way. We have increased parent engagement and a state-of-the-art preschool, Shoreline Acres, that reflects our demographics.

– Rebecca Porrata, retired Public Health Nurse-Family Advocate, Tomales

The Thrift Store has fair, affordable prices, provides a chance to mingle with friends and I know that all dollars spent will go to the needy in our community.

– Gina Kutchins, volunteer

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